The perfect beach cruiser
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TheBeach Cruiser

So you want to join the cruiser culture by purchasing your very own bike? There are a few important components to look for when choosing a beach cruiser. When shopping for your new set of wheels, consider whether the following elements will make your riding more enjoyable.

Chain Guard & Fenders

A beach cruiser is made to be ridden by everyday people wearing normal clothes. To protect your clothing from splatters and grease, bikes often have chain guards and fenders. If the model you already fell in love with doesn’t have them, you can add them as an aftermarket product.

Convenient Basket

Whether you need a transportation spot for your newest pieces of flotsam and jetsam, or a place to carry your little pup to the beach, a basket can be very handy. Many people use their basket for holding beach essentials, such as a towel, sunscreen, a water bottle or a volleyball.

Powerful Gears

Depending on where you live, you may have a few hills to climb on your way to or from the water. A beach cruiser can be a single-speed model or may come with several gears. If you will be riding regularly up gradual hills, you will appreciate the gear’s easier, more efficient pedaling.

Once you’ve located the perfect bike that's right for your style, it’s time to load up the basket and head down to the shore. No matter what you’re wearing, you’re sure to look good on your new beach cruiser bike.